Glyco Flex Side Effects

Glyco Flex is a supplement used to treat dogs with arthritis and other joint problems. Glyco Flex does not often cause side effects when used as directed, but there are a few rare possibilities.



Diarrhea is a rare but possible side effect of Glyco Flex. Vomiting is also an uncommon but possible side effect. Adjusting the dosage of Glyco Flex may alleviate these effects.

Blood Clotting

Platelet function has been impaired in a statistically insignificant number of dogs given Glyco Flex. Decrease in platelet function may interfere with blood clotting. While this side effect has been insignificant, if a dog is given Glyco Flex with other drugs, including phenylbutazone and aspirin, the side effect may become more serious. Unusual bruising or bleeding as well as blood in the urine or stool are signs of reduced platelet function.


Dogs that have been given too much Glyco Flex may experience diarrhea, though overdose is not common. No dog of any size should be given more than three tablets per day; dogs lighter than 10 pounds should be given only a single tablet.