How to Find a Good Place to Place a Dog Bed

Humans have only one bed, in the same spot, in the same room. Dogs need a little more variety. You'll need to provide several different beds for your pooch and keep them spread out all throughout the house. That way, when Trot feels the urge to take a snooze, he'll have a cozy place nearby to catch some z's.

Dog in basket
He just wants his bed to be close to you.
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Serene Environment

Place Trot's bed someplace that doesn't have a lot of traffic or noise, giving him a quiet serene spot to rest. Near the front door or halfway down the hallway aren't ideal places -- too much noise from people walking by. Tossing Trot's fluffy pillow in the corner of the laundry room isn't an ideal location either. Sure, it's out of the way, but the washer and dryer make a lot of noise. He actually might be scared of sleeping in there.

Close to the Family

Your dog is a big part of your family, so keep his bed close to where you hang out. If your whole family sits down at the dining room table each evening, make sure Trot has a cushion to lie on nearby. Have another pillow in the living room if that's where everyone hangs out afterwards. You may even want to put one of his beds in your home office, allowing Trot to stay right by you while you work. Of course, if you don't want him piling into your bed at night, you'll need to provide him with his own cushy place to sleep in the corner of your bedroom.

Someplace Warm

When you slip into bed for the evening, you probably snuggle under a pile of blankets to stay warm. Sleeping in a cold place isn't comfortable. Your canine buddy feels the same way, so place his bed away from drafty areas. Windows, sliding glass doors and any other exterior doors should be far away from Trot's bed. If it isn't possible to keep his sleeping space away from a chilly breeze, get him a bed with a cover or make him a covered bed by placing a sturdy wooden or plastic box on its side. Just plop a pillow or some blankets on the bottom to give him a soft place to rest that protects him from the elements.

Other Tips

Finding the right place for Trot to sleep isn't your only concern. You also need to know which type of bed to get him. For example, if he's still a puppy and getting through that teething stage, you may just want to get him a sturdy box-like bed. This way you can fill it with old blankets or pillows, rather than investing in a large mattress bed that he might destroy. When he gets older, that box bed isn't as efficient. He'll have a harder time getting in and out as his joints become sore. In this case, lay out orthopedic mattresses that support his aging bones. Lastly, give him what he likes. If Trot always rests his head on the armrest of the sofa, he'll want a bed that has a lip on the side. However, if he tends to sprawl out, get him beds that are at least 5 inches longer than he is.