The Green Bean Diet for Dogs

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Weight management requires constant monitoring.
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Overweight dogs can benefit from the green bean diet. It can help them drop pounds, largely because green beans are low in calories and high in fiber. Always check with your veterinarian before changing your dog's diet to ensure that your vet is on board with the program for your pet's age, weight and physical condition. Some veterinarians would put your dog on a comprehensive diet instead of a drastic green bean diet, especially if your dog has other medical conditions.

Green Bean Benefits

Canned green beans are packed full of fiber with few calories. Adding fiber while reducing calories in a diet leads to solid weight loss. The additional fiber gives a sensation of being full. The stomach fills when consuming a meal and stretches the stomach walls. Hormones release into the blood and travel to the brain to tell it that your dog is full.

Green Bean Diet

The green bean diet for dogs replaces portions of regular dog food with green beans and slowly increases the amount of green beans. The first day consists of replacing 10 percent of your dog's normal diet with green beans for two to three days. Then decrease the dog food an additional 10 percent, while adding 10 percent more green beans for another two to three days. This gradual increase over the same amount of days increases until your dog is eating 50 percent dog food and 50 percent green beans.


After your dog reaches his ideal weight loss goal, reduce the amount of green beans and replace them with dog food 10 percent at a time for two to three days until he is eating 100 percent dog food.

Green Bean Treats

Another way to help your dog lose weight is to cut back on the snacks. Dog treats are not normally high in fiber or low in calories. Substituting green beans for treats helps your pet's weight management and gives him the idea that these green tidbits are a highly valued food because it is a treat for tricks or training purposes.


The Downfall

Restricting 50 percent of your dog's diet with green beans also reduces his protein and essential nutrients that are supplied in dog food. If he is on the green bean diet for a prolonged period, he may become malnourished, which is heightened by the extra fiber that doesn't allow absorption of essential zinc, iron, calcium and fats. If your veterinarian approved the green bean diet for your pet for a long time period, he should advise you on additional essential supplements for your dog along with extra protein that is needed to reduce muscle loss during dieting. A veterinarian that approves this type of diet also might suggest changing a dog's food to a higher quality food.


Ask your veterinarian for a consultation before changing your plump dog's diet. Your veterinarian may want to do blood work or other tests before implementing the green bean diet.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.