How to Grow a Chia Pet

By Cuteness Team

How to Grow a Chia Pet. Chia pets are entertaining for all sorts of ages. Developed in the 1980s, this ceramic pottery comes in a wide variety of animal shapes. This is an indoor plant that actually has a chia plant that grows on the surface of these ceramic animals. Growing a Chia pet is fast, easy and economical. This ceramic pet is an excellent way to teach kids how to take care of a growing plant.

Step 1

Fill a deep bowl with enough water to cover the whole Chia pet. Take the Chia pet out of the box and submerge it in the water for 24 hours.

Step 2

Moisten about a third to half the package of seeds with water until they become paste-like. Take the Chia pet out of the water and place the seeds in the grooves of the ceramic figure.

Step 3

Set the Chia pet on a plastic shallow container. Place it someplace where it will receive a lot of sunlight.

Step 4

Locate a cup or container to fill with water. Keep the plant moist with water, but empty the excess water from the drip pan daily.

Step 5

Trim the Chia pet with regular household scissors or small plant trimmers. Adding a funky hairstyle to this ceramic friend will give him a more personalized look. Get as creative as you want.