Happy Cat, Happy Life: Signs Your Cat Loves You

You show your cat love with everything from tummy rubs to his favorite catnip, but how do you know he loves you, too? There are several signs to watch for, but chances are, your cat is telling you how much you mean to him in his own purr-fect way.

Happy Cat, Happy Life: Signs Your Cat Loves You
Happy Cat, Happy Life: Signs Your Cat Loves You
credit: studioD

You're Furry

Forget that necklace or pair of earrings, you already have a go-to accessory: cat fur. While sitting in your morning meeting at work, you might realize there's enough fur on your clothes to knit a small blanket. You also buy lint rollers in bulk and overuse the tape dispenser at the office, but despite your best efforts, you still end up covered in cat hair. No outfit is complete without it, though, as it's a sign of adequate cuddle time with your favorite feline. It might have been difficult to eat breakfast with him curled up on your lap, but he just wants to make sure the rest of the world knows you belong to him.

He "Stalks" You

When your cat follows you more closely than your own shadow, he's telling you there's nothing he'd rather do than be with you. He might do crazy-eights between your legs or attempt to help with cooking and cleaning ("This recipe calls for a pinch of cat fur, right, Mom?"). He probably walks you to the door as you're leaving for work and greets you on the other side at the end of the day. Sure, he's waiting for some great tasting food like , but he's also been missing you all day.

You Share the Bed

Who needs a pet bed when your cat can be in yours with you? Not only is there more room to lounge, but there's also cuddles, blankets and soft pillows. If your cat is especially snuggly, he might even like to sleep on top of you (or on your face). This may not make for the best night's sleep, but you've lovingly slept in an awkward position to keep him nice and comfortable on more than one occasion. If there's a cat-shaped mattress indentation or an extra furry corner, it's safe to say your bed is, in fact, the cat bed.

He Shows Compassion When You're Upset

There's nothing better than some cat cuddles after a bad day. One of the most rewarding benefits of pet ownership is the unconditional love you receive from your furry friend. Studies have shown cats are even able to pick up on their humans' facial expressions. Whether you've had a rough day at the office or the movie you're watching is a tearjerker, don't be surprised if your cat looks up at you with his big eyes and immediately comes to your side.

He Thanks You for Feeding Him

If your cat is staring expectantly at his empty bowl or howling at his food cupboard, it's probably time for a meal. You reach for his favorite and he gobbles it up in no time. It's a win-win, as he loves the exceptional taste and you love its extraordinary nutritional value. When he's done, he might nuzzle into you or lovingly knead your back. Yes, he loves his food, but he loves you just as much for taking excellent care of him.