Home Cure for Parakeet Diarrhea

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There are many causes of diarrhea in parakeets, from a sensitivity to food to salmonella to psittacosis. Most digestive conditions experienced by parakeets can be treated at home, without costly trips to an exotic pet veterinarian and expensive medications. As a matter of fact, there are several homemade and over the counter remedies available for the treatment of diarrhea in parakeets.


Considerations for Home Treatment

If your parakeet is not exhibiting other symptoms of illness, such as loss of appetite, lethargy, feather pulling or ruffled feathers, it is probably suffering from a case of "upset stomach." The easiest way to treat this condition is to give your parakeet a dose of Kaopectate. Keeping an eye on the sick bird to make sure it is still eating and drinking is a must.

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Home Remedies

Another home remedy for treating diarrhea in parakeets is to feed the bird small amounts of plain yogurt. Yogurt has been proven to treat diarrhea caused by an imbalance of enzymes in the intestines. Yogurt contains probiotics and enzymes to help replace the ones lost through diarrhea and help to restore balance. Bran can be fed in small amounts to a parakeet with diarrhea. Bran helps to bulk up the stool by absorbing the excess water in the intestine, slowing down the gut motility and restoring the normal balance in the bird. Bran should be offered soft to entice the bird to eat it. If warm, make sure that the bran cereal doesn't burn the bird's delicate palate. Brown rice has much the same effect as bran and can be used to stop diarrhea in birds that refuse yogurt and bran. Brown rice should be soft cooked and cooled before being offered to the parakeet. Because parakeets are small, only a few grains should be offered at a time to prevent constipation.



The best method of treatment for diarrhea in parakeets is prevention. Don't change your parakeet's diet suddenly and use good judgment when deciding to feed it treats. Stay away from junk food and keep all food and water bowls clean and free of fecal matter. Do not introduce your bird to other birds that might be carrying infectious diseases that might cause diarrhea.