Home Remedies for Cats Sneezing

You can try a home remedy to cure your cat's sneezing, but not without your vet's guidance. A sneeze or two from a cat might not be a big deal, but repeated and excessive sneezing means something's wrong.

Cat sleep on orange sofa
A cat sleeping on a clean pet bed.
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When a Vet Visit is a Must

There's a big difference between an occasional sneeze and excessive sneezing that won't go away or gets worse over a period of days. According to WebMD, excessing sneezing often signals the presence of a bacterial, viral or fungal infection. Upper respiratory infections require antibiotic treatment. If your cat won't stop sneezing, make an appointment with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Natural Remedies for Optimal Upper Respiratory Health

If your cat is fighting upper respiratory issues, vitamin supplements can help him heal faster and feel better sooner. Dr. Allen M. Schoen of the Center for Integrative Animal Health recommends vitamin and mineral supplementation including sodium ascorbate, vitamin C, vitamins E and vitamin A. Don't introduce any supplements without your vet's explicit approval. Cod liver oil is very high in vitamin A, so you can ask about adding it to your cat's food for added nutrition and a kick of flavor.

Remedies to Improve Immune Health

One way to help your cat get over an upper respiratory problem is to work on strengthening his immune system. Dr. Schoen recommends spirulina or another type of blue-green algae, saying they are high in flavonooids and minerals as well as vitamins and protein. As always, get your vet's approval before administering anything to your cat.

Other Ways You Can Help

Help alleviate your cat's congested nose and frequent sneezing with a vaporizer. However, keep in mind that vaporizers work only if you operate them in small spaces such as a bathroom -- or even better, the enclosed bathtub or shower area. You'll want to make sure kitty stays there, breathing the vapor, for 10 to 15 minutes to get the maximum benefits.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Allergies and inhalation of irritating substances cause sneezing, so making changes in your environment can help your cat feel better. It might even eliminate the sneezing altogether. Because it's hard to determine the underlying cause of an allergy, you might try making one change at a time and seeing if that solves the probem; if it doesn't, try something else. For example, you could start by switching to scent-free, dust-free clumping litter. Also, diligently vacuum and dust the home to keep your cat from breathing allergens. Keep Kitty out of the room while cleaning is in progress. If your cat has his own bed or blanket, wash it frequently to rid it of dust and allergens.