Home Remedy for Dog Rash

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Home Remedy for Dog Rash
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You have probably heard it before: a dog is man's best friend. In fact, we usually treat our canine compadres just like another member of the family. Like a caring parent or a protective older sibling, when our puppy is sick or hurting we yearn to find a way to help him. Dog rash can cause your pet irritation and discomfort. It is usually caused by flea or parasite bites or due to some allergic reaction. While serious conditions should be looked at by a veterinarian, mild conditions may be treated at home.

What Works Best

According to organic-pet-digest.com, dog rashes are similar to human rashes. The symptoms include itchy skin, redness, hot spots, and hair loss where the dog is scratching. Many of the same treatments you would use for a rash on your own skin work equally well with dog rashes. For instance, organic-pet-digest.com and vetinfo.com suggest using aloe vera or milk of magnesia to help alleviate the rash. The aloe vera is a natural healer that can be found in cream or gel form. Simply apply the aloe vera to the irritated area on your dog. Milk of magnesia helps reduce the itchiness that accompanies a rash. Apply this substance to a cotton ball and gently dab the affected area.

Additional Steps

If your dog is scratching at an area covered by thick or matted hair, and if the scratching is prolonged and it appears that your dog is suffering discomfort, chances are a rash is breaking out on the skin beneath the hair. If this is the case, take a few additional steps before applying aloe vera or using milk of magnesia. Seefido.com suggests that you cut the hair away from the skin and clean the area. This will expose the affected area to the air, which will aid in the healing process (since long, tangled hair traps bacteria and prolongs the rash). In addition, cleaning the area with a warm washcloth and a mild soap (something that won't irritate your dog) will help kill bacteria and aid in reducing and eliminating the rash.