Homemade Ladybug Food

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Things You'll Need

  • 1 or 2 raisins

  • Cupful of water

  • Paper towel

  • Knife


Ladybugs need a water supply, too. Wet a snippet of paper towel and place it inside your ladybugs' environment. Rewet the towel when it dries out.


If you see a leaf covered in aphids in your yard, snip it off carefully and immediately trap the aphids and the leaf in a plastic baggie. Put the aphid-covered leaf inside your ladybugs' environment for a special treat.

Ladybugs like to eat waterlogged raisins.

While they are actually named lady beetles, you probably know the brightly colored and dotted insects only as ladybugs or ladybird beetles. Ladybugs are omnivorous, but their favorite food is the aphids that tear holes in the leaves of many garden plants. Whether you want to keep ladybugs as pets or as objects of short-term scientific study, or you just want to keep them around your garden, you can mix up homemade ladybug food to delight their beetle palates and entice them to stay a while.


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Step 1

Add the raisins to the water-filled cup. Soak them in the water for at least five minutes. Remove them from the water.

Step 2

Blot your waterlogged raisins with your paper towel, but be careful not to squeeze out all the water they just absorbed.


Step 3

Cut your raisins in half. Put them out in your yard by the plants where you released the ladybugs or inside the environment you made your contained ladybugs.

Step 4

Replace your ladybugs' food as it disappears.