Homemade Toys for a Guinea Pig

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Homemade Toys for a Guinea Pig
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Guinea pigs are curious and inquisitive, and with this comes a need for mental stimulation. Toys that will give them enrichment during their day will keep your guinea pigs happy and help them refrain from becoming bored while spending their day in an enclosure. Perhaps you've spent a lot of money in the past on guinea pig toys for your cute little companion, only to offer them to him and find that he wants nothing to do with them. With a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, making toys from homemade goods around the house can be the perfect option for your guinea pig. Even better, these toys will save money. Switching out toys periodically will help keep your guinea pig engaged and give him something new to play with.


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Cardboard Box Playhouse

A simple cardboard box can provide hours of fun for your guinea pig, who will chew on the cardboard and hide in it. Cut out small "doors" in a cardboard box. Get more creative by using cardboard containers with the ends cut off, such as oatmeal canisters, to create "tunnels" leading from one box to another. Cut out "windows" in the boxes so your guinea pigs can burrow inside the box and have a window to look out of. Turn over the cardboard box and a cardboard palace awaits.

Surprise Bag with Treats

Give your guinea a treat toy that requires a bit of effort. Fill a brown paper bag with hay and a few treats. Fold the paper bag down to keep the hay and treats in. If your guinea pig is extra smart, he may figure out how to fold the flap up and get inside the bag. Cut small holes in the bag and allow your guinea pig to have at it. He will be intrigued with what's inside the bag and will work his way to it.


Hanging Kabobs

Some guinea pigs just can't resist yanking and tugging on things with their teeth. Hanging toys from the top of their enclosure provides something fun and entertaining for them to do. Get some twine and hang it from the top of the cage. String a few toys, such as wooden blocks of different shapes with holes in the middle. Add a bell or two to the end of the toy for extra intrigue.

Obstacle Course

Every guinea pig needs a "day out" now and then -- a day out of the cage or enclosure, that is. Allow your cavy some free time to romp and roam after you set up an obstacle course to explore. Use things around the house such as sofa cushions, cardboard boxes and toy blocks to create an enticing obstacle course complete with treats at the end to pique your guinea pig's interest. The mental stimulation and fun this activity will provide will help keep your cavy content while giving him a bit of exercise.