How to Keep Thigh High Boots From Slouching

By Chelsea Hoffman

Thigh high boots are sexy when paired with a pair of hot shorts or a trendy miniskirt. However, the downside to wearing these edgy boots is that sometimes the tops of them tend to slouch down around your knees. This especially happens if your boots are too big or too small. Knowing how to keep your thigh high boots from slouching gives you the ability to step out in hot club-wear without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

Ravel the top part of the boot downward like the boot is a sock. Scrunch it down to the ankle so you can easily fit your foot into the boot.

Ease the boot top up your leg, as you would pull up a long sock. Pull the boot up to your knee.

Apply a thin layer of fashion glue measuring 1 inch wide around the circumference of your mid thigh. Fashion glue is used in pageants, and is sometimes called pageant glue. It's used to keep bathing suits and revealing clothing from slipping.

Pull the top of the boot up all the way, firmly smoothing it around your thigh. This adheres it in place comfortably, so it doesn't slip.

Repeat these steps with the other boot.