How to Kill Snow Fleas

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Snow fleas are insects that are typically seen bouncing around on the snow in the winter. Snow fleas live off decomposing bacteria and fungus. They spend the spring months mating and live in the soil until winter when they emerge again.

Step 1

Find the main spot where the snow fleas are residing. If you are noticing a large number of snow fleas, they likely gather on top of the snow. When it isn't snowing outside, snow fleas are very difficult to find. They are tiny insects with rather soft bodies.


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Step 2

Determine if you truly want to kill the snow fleas. Most expert data indicate that snow fleas are completely harmless. They eat fungus and bacteria and don't bite or cause any harm to humans or pets. Most insect experts agree that snow fleas aren't really fleas at all, but that they simply look like fleas.


Step 3

Take a bottle of insect spray and point it toward the spot where most of the snow fleas have been gathering. Any brand or type of insect spray should do. Spray the snow fleas completely and thoroughly.

Step 4

Look for other locations where you have noticed snow fleas. Spray those areas with the insect spray, as well.

Step 5

Check the spots you have sprayed a day or so later. You should noticed fewer or no snow fleas. If you see more snow fleas, spray them to kill them.

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