How to Make Baby Calf Ear Warmers

By Jo Jackson

When a calf is born, it is initially wet and the mother cow spends time licking it dry as part of the bonding process. Cows spend a lot of time licking the head area. When a calf is born in freezing weather, the wet ears can freeze and snap off or become frostbitten. To protect the ears of calves in bad weather you can make ear warmers that can protect the ears from the cold air and the mother’s licking.

Cut two pieces of fleece material and two pieces of waterproof material big enough for each ear plus a ½-inch seam allowance.

Sew the fleece parts face to face as these will line the waterproof material. Sew the waterproof outers and place the fleece inside. Make one for each ear.

Cut a 1½ -inch wide band of waterproof material to fit around the calves head at the base of the ears and under the neck. Place two slits into it where the ears go and place the two ear covers here and sew them into the band. Use Velcro to secure the band under the neck.

Cut a 1-inch wide band to go around the calf’s nose above the mouth and use a Velcro fasten at the back of the head. Attach the nose piece with a ¾-inch strip from the middle of the nose to the headband between the ears.