How to Make Your Own Braided Nylon Lead Rope

By Serena Styles

A lead rope, sometimes simply called a lead, attaches to a horse's halter to direct and control it. Nylon is a common material used to make lead ropes, favored for its durability and cost-effectiveness. Rather than purchasing a nylon lead rope from a horse tack supplier, you can construct one from home for a fraction of the cost. Braiding is an easy way to make a lead rope, as it combines the strength of three strands.

Cut the nylon rope into three equal 9-foot sections. Alternatively, if you would like a multi-colored lead rope, use three different colored 9-foot lengths of rope.

Tie the three ropes around the metal lead rope snap at one end in basic, or overhand, knots. Make sure the knots are tight. The long 9-foot long sections should hang evenly from the snap.

Place the snap on the ground and lay the strands out next to each other evenly.

Begin the braid by placing the left strand over the middle strand. The left strand is now the middle strand while the middle strand has become the left.

Place the right strand over the middle strand. The right strand is now the middle strand and the middle has become the right.

Repeat this braiding process, left over middle followed by right over middle, until you have braided down to the ends of your rope.

Tie the three strands together in a tight overhand knot to hold the braid in place, creating a ball at the end of the lead rope.