How to Make a Bridle Rack

By Cuteness Team

How to Make a Bridle Rack. There are several ways to make a bridle rack. Use your imagination and resources along with these ideas to constuct a rack that you can use to organize your tack room or stables and keep both tidy.

Simple Bridle Racks

Step 1

Buy pegboard and pegs to hang the bridles on. Pegboard comes in 4 by 8-foot sheets, but if you need less than that, most lumber and home stores will cut it for you.

Step 2

Locate the wall studs where you plan to hang the pegboard. Attach furring strips to the studs to create a space between the pegboard and the wall for inserting the pegs. Use an electronic stud finder to find the studs unless they are exposed.

Step 3

Center the pegboard over the furring strips and fasten it with nails or screws.

Step 4

Affix pegs into the pegboard and hang your bridles.

Step 5

Insert wall hooks into the wall studs at a convenient height for another inexpensive way to make a bridle rack.

Step 6

Use small wall hose hangers if you aren't handy, and then use a hammer and nails to fasten these on the wall to hold your bridles and halters.

Two More Bridle Racks

Step 7

Cut several horseshoes in half with a hacksaw or cutting torch. Weld each half to the rounded portion of a whole horseshoe, making a hook to hang a bridle on. Nail the horseshoes to the wall of your barn or tack room.

Step 8

Go with wood. Get a 2 by 4 or 2 by 6-inch piece of planed lumber of whatever length you need, but preferably under six feet for manageability. Use medium sandpaper to remove the rough spots and edges.

Step 9

Insert dowels or wooden pegs. Use your electric drill to make holes a little larger in diameter than the wooden pegs or pieces of dowel but don't drill all the way through the board.

Step 10

Glue the pegs into the holes with carpenters' wood glue. Paint the whole thing and nail it up when dry.