How to Make a Chinchilla Hammock

You can make a simple single- or double-layer chinchilla hammock that looks nice in your pet's habitat and gives your chinchilla a comfortable place to rest. If you don't want to sew, make the single-layer version. The secret is to use nonfraying fabric, such as polar fleece. Fleece is also the best fabric to use when making the double-layer version.

Add a soft fabric hammock to your chinchilla's habitat.
credit: sokarys/iStock/Getty Images

Single-Layer Chinchilla Hammocks

Step 1

Measure an 18-by-9-inch rectangle of fleece. Use the fabric marking pen to draw a line around the edges.

Step 2

Cut out the fabric rectangle; use the tip of the scissors to cut a 1/8-inch hole in each corner, about 1 inch in from the corner's edge.

Step 3

Cut the safety wire into four equal pieces, using the wire cutter. Feed one section of wire through each corner.

Step 4

Fold the wire in the center, slide the ends of each wire through the bars of the chinchilla's cage and twist them together on the outside of the cage. Twisting the wire ends outside the cage ensure they cannot poke your pet.

Double-Layer Chinchilla Hammocks

Step 1

Measure two 18-by-9-inch fleece rectangles. Use the fabric marking pen to draw lines around the edges.

Step 2

Cut out the two fleece rectangles, using the scissors.

Step 3

Put the rectangles together with the right sides facing in. Stitch almost all the way around the rectangles with the sewing machine set to make a straight stitch, 1/2-inch in from the edge. Leave a 2-inch gap in the thread line where you do not stitch.

Step 4

Turn the fabric pouch inside out by gently poking the fabric through the hole. Make sure the corners are turned all the way by poking your fingertip into them through the 2-inch opening in the seam.

Step 5

Stitch the gap closed, sewing 1/8 inch from the edge. Use the scissors to clip off all loose thread ends.

Step 6

Inspect the hammock to see if any loose threads are sticking out. Carefully clip off all stray thread ends, as some chinchillas will chew on loose threads.

Step 7

Poke the tip of the scissors into each to cut a 1/8-inch hole, about 1 inch in from the corner's edge. Make sure the holes go through both layers of fabric.

Step 8

Cut the wire into four equal sections, using the wire cutter and slide a piece of wire through each hole. Use the wires to fasten the hammock to the bars of your chinchilla's cage.