How to Make Clothes for a Chihuahua

It is a challenge to find clothes for your little chihuahua. Standard clothing in pet or discount stores are either too big or one area fits but another part is too snug. The little guys get cold easily at various times of the day and night. All chihuahua owners like to have a sweater or two to wrap them in and soothe the shivers. It is better to make your own that fits properly, but where do you start? You actually have options you may have overlooked.


Step 1

Look for a crocheted doll or bear sweater pattern.

Step 2

Measure your chihuahua with a sewing tape. Write down the measurements starting around the chest, which is in back of the front legs and up around the back. Next measure around the belly at its widest point and then the neck. Measure the length of the body from the back of the head to the hips where the base of the tail starts.

Step 3

Use the crochet hook and test the gauge of your stitch by crocheting the first two rows of the sweater pattern. Check the waist measurement of the pattern against the true measurement of the dog. Adjust the number of stitches that you crochet to make the sweater smaller or larger according to your dog's size.

Step 4

Try the sweater on the dog as you reach the various stages, waist band, body, arms and arm pit area, shoulders and neck. Simply pull apart and adjust crochet to fit the dog.

Step 5

Lay completed sweater front down on flat surface. Tie yarn on one side and crochet across the back only. Crochet five to seven extra rows to cover the back of the dog. Tie off when the back is the desired length.

Step 6

Pick out an old sweater that your child has outgrown or a thrift shop purchase.

Step 7

Lay sweater on work surface and cut off one sleeve. Set sweater aside.

Step 8

Take sharp sewing scissors and cut the seam on the sleeve if there is one. Leave cuff intact. Try the cuff over the dogs head to see if it will be the appropriate size for a collar. If too large cut a piece out and sew it closed.

Step 9

Lay sleeve out flat on surface. Use straight pins to hem the three sides. Hem the threes sides to prevent unraveling.

Step 10

Use a remnant piece of the sleeve excess or another part of the sweater to make a band that will go under the belly. Use a button or stick and loop closure to adjust the band to fit comfortably. Decorate as desired with embroidery, iron-on patches or braiding trim.