How to Make Couch Covers for Dogs

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Little compares to the delight your dog takes in lounging on the family sofa.
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There are few things that move faster than a muddy-footed dog traveling from the front door to the comfort of your favorite couch. Despite the best laid plans for keeping Pete off the couch, it's only a matter of time until your best friend is snuggled beside you on the living room furniture. A simple DIY couch cover can protect your furniture from fur, drool, dirt and the occasional doggy accident.


Step 1

Measure your couch. Determine how much overhang of fabric you want over the back of your couch and how far you want your cover to hang down toward the floor in the front of your couch. You may want to tuck your cover under your cushions so it stays put during Pete's romping. Additionally, measure the width of the cushions and from the edge of the cushions, over the arm of the couch, to the point where you want the arm covers to overhang. Note these measurements.


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Step 2

Cut your fabric based on the measurements you took in Step 1. Cut your arm pieces separately. Consider making your cover reversible to increase the time between laundering. Leave an extra half inch for the hem.

Step 3

Cut the batting based on the measurements you took in Step 1. Leave an extra half inch for the hem on the batting.


Step 4

Lay your fabric out, inside out with the right sides of the two pieces of fabric facing each other. Lay the batting on top. Lay out your arm pieces separately using the same method. Pin the hems along three edges and sew using your sewing machine. Trim each seam with the scissors.


Step 5

Turn all pieces right side out. Place your weights inside your last seam. Place a weight every few inches along the edge of the seam and pin around each weight to keep it in place. You can use weights in your arm pieces as well to keep them in place. Pin the last hem and sew closed.


Step 6

Sew a seam around your weights to keep them in the proper position.

Step 7

Lay your cover over your couch. Pin your arm pieces while your cover is on your couch to make sure they are properly located. Make sure the weights are on the edge of the arm pieces that will overhang the couch's arms.

Step 8

Sew your arm pieces onto your cover.



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