How to Make Your Own Flea-Killing Spray

Instead of running to the store the next time your pet or home has a flea outbreak, try making your own flea-killing spray. Commercial flea-killing treatments are chock full of harmful chemicals that can cause adverse reactions in both animals and humans. A safer and more environmentally friendly alternative is to make a homemade flea spray using essential oils. This spray will kill the fleas that come into direct contact with it, and it will deter new fleas from coming near your pet or your home.


Step 1

Take a 32-oz. spray bottle and fill it with the 2 oz of organic soap, the 10 to 15 drops of essential oil, and 30 oz. of water. Two smaller 16-oz. spray bottles can also be used if you prefer a smaller size.

Step 2

Shake the bottle and make sure the contents are thoroughly mixed together.

Step 3

Wherever you see fleas, spray the mixture. It can be sprayed directly onto your pet, and it can also be sprayed around your home. Continue spraying periodically throughout the day covering any areas infected with fleas.

Step 4

Spray infected areas on a daily basis until the flea problem is gone.