How to Make a Scorpion Trap

Scorpions are found in southern Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas and they can be deadly. Many may want to get rid of these eight-legged creatures, but some people actually want to keep the arachnids as pets. No matter your reasoning, you can trap the scorpions with a few different ideas. Use common sense and research scorpions before you go on the hunt. Being careful is the key.

Be careful when hunting scorpions.

Purchase a sticky trap designed to attract scorpions at a home improvement warehouse or a hardware store. Place them in places you have seen scorpions frequent. Focus on dark closets, attics and crawl spaces and places where the pests can access water such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. These traps will not allow you to keep the insect as a pet.

Place shallow bowls laced with boric acid, borax, sodium borate or soap in dark places where scorpions are known to hide at night. The scorpions will be attracted to the water, get trapped, take in the poison and die.

Dampen pieces of thick fabric such as burlap. Scorpions will be attracted to the piles of fabric and hide under them to absorb the water. Remove the fabric to look for scorpions and carefully remove them. These scorpions can be used as pets if desired.

Purchase a brood of chickens if you have the space for them. Place the chickens in an area where you have seen scorpions. Chickens are attracted to scorpions and will eat them.