How to Make a Yorkie's Hair Shiny

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Yorkshire terriers, also called Yorkies, are a small breed of dog. The Yorkie, according to the Dog Breed Info website, is an adventurous, energetic and affectionate companion. Good grooming on a regular basis is necessary if you own a Yorkie. Although the breed rarely sheds its hair, the dog still needs combing and brushing to keep the coat healthy. With no skin problems and a clean coat, a Yorkie can have a shiny and soft coat.


Step 1

Brush Yorkies daily to remove loose hair and tangles. Use a metal comb to get rid of any mats. Brushing keeps the coat in good condition. It also increases the production of oils on the skin to prevent dryness.

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Step 2

Bathe the Yorkie every two to four weeks. Wet the dog thoroughly then use dog shampoo. Squeeze the shampoo through the hair, suggests the Yorkie Lane website. Rubbing the shampoo into the coat only creates tangles. Shampoos for humans are too drying for the Yorkie.


Step 3

Rinse the dog completely to remove the shampoo. Use a sprayer in the direction the hair grows.

Step 4

Spray on a no-tangle lotion made for dogs. Use a human plastic pick comb through the hair, suggests the Yorkie Lane website. Don't rinse out.


Step 5

Put a human blow dryer on a medium setting for drying the Yorkie. Dry the dog all over, but the hair slightly damp to prevent drying out the skin and hair. Don't blow the air directly into the dog's face.



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