How to Find Miniature Cows for Sale

By Cuteness Contributor

Miniature cows for sale can be found all over the country, but because of supply and demand and a high level of interest in lowline cattle breeds, they are similar in cost to full-size cows. However, since they are smaller and eat less, the miniature cows are less expensive to raise. Due to their gentle natures and stature, they are easier to handle as well.

Here's how to find miniature cows for sale so you can start your own backyard beef or milk production -- or both.

Contact the American Lowline Registry to locate a reputable ranch or breeder in your area. This association is made up of lowline cattle owners and breeders from all across America. Their website includes information and resources on lowline cattle breeds as well as classified ads to help buyers find miniature cows for sale.

Learn the going prices for miniature cows, calves, steers or bulls, depending on which you intend to purchase. If you live in a rural or agricultural area, local cattle associations or even the extension service may be able to help you locate these lowline cattle in your area as well as practical tips on raising the smaller cattle.

Search out local livestock auctions and the county fair to learn about nearby farms that raise miniature cows. These will be one of your best resources for finding the animals you want to buy, as well as information on current prices.

Submit a Wanted ad free of charge on the American Lowline Registry website. State your criteria, such as a bred heifer or a quality Dexford bull, and geographic area, wait for sellers to contact you with information on their available cattle.