How to Own a Pet Monkey

By Cuteness Team

How to Own a Pet Monkey. Monkeys are cute and funny, but they aren't great pets. A pet monkey can wreak havoc on your home. They require a lot of care and attention. Be sure to speak to people who already own a pet monkey before you buy your own. Read on to learn more.

Research Primate Laws in Your State

Step 1

Contact your local Wildlife and Fisheries department to get a list of rules and restrictions on monkey ownership. Monkeys are considered wild animals, and so are highly regulated in most states and counties.

Step 2

Call or write your city fire department and ask about city requirements for exotic animals. Even if your state allows monkey ownership, your city or county may not.

Step 3

Refrain from purchasing a monkey if you live in California. California will not allow you to own a pet monkey.

Step 4

Visit the Monkey Maddness website to get an idea of the primate laws in your state (see Resources below). Just click on your state to read the statutes they have gathered. Remember that this information may be out of date.

Read Up About Pet Monkeys

Step 5

Consider joining The Simian Society of America (see Resources below). This society advocates proper care of captive monkeys, and sends a monthly newsletter.

Step 6

Request a copy of The Simian Society of America's "Primate Care handbook." This 300 page guide covers the needs and care of many monkey breeds.

Create a Suitable Cage

Step 7

Hire a professional to build and install a large cage. Monkeys are intelligent, and can escape from all but the best designed cages.

Step 8

Build the largest cage you can. Monkeys need at least a 6-foot square cage at the absolute minimum.

Step 9

Use high gauge wire, and include full spectrum lighting if your cage is inside.

Step 10

Place outdoor cages in a mostly shaded area. Be sure that the wire floor of the cage is at least arm's reach from the ground to prevent the monkey from eating food that has fallen to the ground.

Step 11

Include lots of non-toxic plants in the cage. You will need to change these plants occasionally to keep your monkey interested.