Pets That Act Like Dogs

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Pot-bellied pigs are one type of pet that is similar to dogs.

Though they may love dogs, some people cannot have these pets due to allergies. Some housing does not allow dogs, and some people do not have enough time to take care of a canine. In these cases, other pets have similar traits to dogs that can be a good substitution.


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Despite the age-old belief that cats and dogs cannot get along and are completely different creatures, some breeds of cats behave similarly to dogs. Siamese cats are an extremely sociable breed and are happiest when their people are nearby. The tailless Manx breed also requires human interaction to be happy. Both breeds can be trained more than other cats, and to walk on a leash like a dog.


Smaller than most dog breeds, ferrets are related to the weasel family. Although they are more independent than dogs, ferrets require social activity just as dogs do. Ferrets have a lot of energy and enjoy playing with other ferrets and their owners. Under supervision, these pets can get along with dogs. With training, ferrets can fetch small toys or balls. You can walk a ferret that's outfitted in a small harness and leash.


Pot-Bellied Pigs

Small pot-bellied pigs are a surprisingly good pet because of their similarities to dogs. They require regular exercise or they can become lethargic and gain weight, but daily walks on a leash can help them stay in shape. Positive reinforcement works best when training pot-bellied pigs, just as it does with dogs. Dogs and pot-bellied pigs are omnivores and eat similar diets, and both may beg for table scraps.


Domesticated rats differ visibly -- in looks and behavior -- from their wild relatives. These resourceful, intelligent rodents have an excellent sense of smell, and can learn to fetch or track scents just as dogs can. A small harness and leash provide a resource to walk a pet rat.