How to Potty Train a Border Collie

Border collies are intelligent, hard working and energetic dogs. The breed was developed over 100 years ago to herd sheep on the Scottish-English border. The border collie's intelligence and desire to learn makes it relatively easy to house train at any age.

credit: Jupiterimages/ Images

Step 1

Keep your border collie in a crate during house training. Take the dog out of the crate on a set schedule every couple of hours and put it on a leash.

Step 2

Take your border collie to the area outside where you want it to relieve itself and use a command you have chosen. "Potty" or "Hurry up" are options to tell your dog it is time to go to the bathroom. Any phrase will work as long as you are consistent.

Step 3

Reward quick elimination (within five minutes) by saying, "Good potty" or your own variation. Continue praising and rewarding your dog by playing fetch with your border collie, petting it or giving it a treat.

Step 4

Take your border collie back inside and place it in the crate if it does not eliminate within five minutes. After a half hour, try again. Repeat as often as necessary, until your dog has relieved itself in the allotted area. If you are consistent, your border collie should be house trained within a few days.