How to Quickly Stop Dogs from Barking

Without proper training a dog that barks excessively will never unlearn this behavior. However, as you're training your dog, there are a few tools you can use that may interrupt its barking quickly. The key is to get the dog to associate its barking with something that is mildly disconcerting — in this example, a loud noise that does not harm the dog but will get its attention and pause its behavior.

Step 1

Put some loose change in an empty coffee can. Don't fill the can too much — you want the rattling change to be as loud as possible.

Step 2

When your dog starts to bark, shake the can in front of the dog. The dog will stop barking immediately because of the sound.

Step 3

Do this every time your dog barks a lot without good reason. Soon your dog will decrease its barking because it hates the sound of the change in the can.

Step 4

Issue a command immediately after shaking the can. It can be "No," "No bark," or "Hush" — whatever simple command you wish to use. Eventually, you will be able to use only the command to stop the dog from barking. Make sure you're consistent; use the same command every time and issue the command every time you shake the can.