How to Raise a Cheetah

While it is certainly rewarding to own and raise a pet of any kind, some pets can be more dangerous and pose more risk than others. Such is the case with keeping big cats such as cheetahs for pets. However, by obeying regulations and taking the proper precautions, you can successfully raise a cheetah and establish a fulfilling pet-owner relationship.

Cheetahs are among the fastest animals in the world.

Consult local and state laws and regulations on owning exotic animals. Many states have partial or full bans on exotic animals, some require a license, and others require no license and have no regulations.

Find a local veterinarian who will be willing to treat your cheetah. Veterinary care is essential for any animal's well-being, and you will need to ensure you can provide such care for your pet before you make the decision to own one.

Purchase a vehicle or ensure that your vehicle is suited to transport your cheetah to its veterinary visits if your chosen veterinarian is unable to make house calls.

Set up proper living quarters for your cheetah. Cheetahs are among the fastest animals in the world, so they will require an ample living area in which to exert their energy. Because of their sharp claws and teeth, cheetahs can also be destructive, so their living quarters will need to be filled with plenty of intellectual and physical enrichment opportunities, much like in a zoo, to capture their attention.

Feed your cheetah with up to 15 lbs. of raw meat daily. This can become quite expensive, so make sure you can afford your cheetah's diet and upkeep.

Always use caution when handling your cheetah. Whether it is your pet or not, big cats have natural instincts that can make them unpredictable.