How to Remove a Skin Tag on Your Pet

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Cats and dogs can also get skin tags.

Skin tags are not malignant, but they can be ugly and undesirable. Skin tags are not contagious, and they don't have to be treated professionally. The same can be said about skin tags on pets. Pets such as cats and dogs get skin tags just as people do. You can treat your pet's skin tags at home without too much trouble.


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Step 1

Wrap the base of the skin tag tightly with a thin length of string. Dental floss works well for this purpose.

Step 2

Freeze the skin tag with nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen can be found at almost any pharmacy in the form of wart removal medications. Treat the skin tag with the nitrogen as you would treat a wart.


Step 3

Burn the skin tag with a hyfrecator. This tool can be found at almost any pharmacy in the form of wart removal or treatment tools.

Step 4

Cut the skin tag off of the skin using scissors. To ensure that your pet is not hurt by the use of scissors, you will have to hold the pet down tightly so that it cannot wiggle around. Using wart treatments such as liquid nitrogen and hyfrecators can be uncomfortable but not extremely painful, so there is no need for anesthetics or pain killers.



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