How to Remove Skunk Odor from a Human

By Jack Rella

Getting sprayed by a skunk is no fun at all. Not only is it not fun for you, but it isn't any fun for anyone around you either. It seems impossible to get the smell out of you and out of your clothing. There are a few myths about ways to get rid of the smell, and it is difficult to know which ones actually work. There are some ordinary ingredients, however, that should work.

Take off the clothes you were wearing when you were hit by the skunk spray. The clothes may be saved by bleach or a specialty detergent, but you might just be better off tossing them out, especially if you are camping.

Fill a tub of water and get in. It is recommended you do this outside if at all possible. Clean yourself with regular soap first. Sometimes this is enough, especially if the skunk didn't get a good spray on you. Other times, it is just good to get dirt and other things off before you start the rest of the process.

Wash with carbolic soap. This soap can be found at any pharmacy.

Fill a bucket with equal parts of water and vinegar. Use a rag and sponge to wash yourself with this mixture. Scrub hard, but not to the point of it being painful.

Pour tomato juice all over your body and begin to wash yourself with it. Again, you will need to scrub this into your skin as well.

Clean yourself with regular soap several times after this treatment with the vinegar, carbolic soap and tomato juice. This will remove all the chemicals and odors you used to neutralize the skunk smell.