How to Get Rid of Urine Smells Under Linoleum

The smell of urine is one of the least pleasant odors that you can have inside your home. If urine somehow leaks through your linoleum flooring, you will need to get it cleaned up immediately or risk having to deal with the odor long term. The more quickly you can clean up the initial mess from the urine, the less risk you have of the smell soaking into your flooring and becoming difficult to get rid of.

Urine trapped under your linoleum can make your whole house smell bad.
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Step 1

Lift up the linoleum so that you can access the area that contains the urine odor. In some situations you may have to physically remove sections of your linoleum flooring to reach the area underneath that smells like urine. Use a razor to cut away any sections of the flooring that cannot be lifted or picked up.

Step 2

Apply diluted bleach or a pet odor removal product of your choice liberally to the area that smells like urine and scrub the area down thoroughly with the bleach. Allow bleach to sit on the floor for at least 30 minutes and wait for it to air dry.

Step 3

Scrub down the linoleum with the bleach. Make sure to scrub both the top of the linoleum and the underside before replacing it on the floor in its original position. If your old linoleum can no longer be used, have a professional install new linoleum flooring over the area where the floor smelled like urine.