Are Rottweilers Good Family Dogs?

Rottweilers are sometimes seen as tough and menacing animals. Despite that public image, Rottweilers who are reared well have the potential to be excellent and gentle family dogs. They often do best in households that have older children.

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweilers can be aggressive dogs when they're not socialized appropriately. When Rottweilers are socialized and reared the right way, however, they can be relaxed, composed animals who are highly sought after as service, obedience, guide and therapy dogs. They can be faithful animals who are dedicated to the people in their lives. Rottweilers enjoy playtime and affection from their family members.

Rottweilers and Children

Rottweilers who are socialized properly are generally affectionate and patient with children. Even so, their owners have to always carefully monitor them when they're near youngsters. Not all Rottweilers react positively to pushy child behavior. Gentle Rottweilers can sometimes be problematic, too. If a Rottweiler is feeling particularly lively and excited, he could run into or walk on a young child and possibly harm him. Mature Rottweilers also sometimes have the innate tendency to bump into kids in an attempt to herd them. When small kids yell in high-pitched voices and move swiftly, they can encourage Rottweilers' prey instincts, as well. Seasoned breeders often aren't proponents for Rottweilers living in residences that include young kids for these reasons. Rottweilers are usually good additions to homes that have children who are at least 8 years of age.

Early Socialization

Early socialization is key for all Rottweilers. When Rottweilers are puppies, they should be exposed to children from all different age groups. This is vital regardless of whether a Rottweiler lives with any children or not. Since children are practically unavoidable, it's crucial for Rottweilers learn how to behave appropriately around them. Rottweilers who are socialized well will have lower odds of going after kids when their prey urges kick in.

If you own a young Rottweiler, acquaint him to the presence of children by going for walks together in your local park. Give your pooch the opportunity to adjust to kids' typical behaviors and noises a minimum of once per week. When your dog displays relaxed behavior when kids are nearby, give him enthusiastic praise and reward him with a tasty treat. Make sure to sign your Rottweiler up for a training class that focuses heavily on socialization, as well. Since Rottweilers tend to be aloof around new faces, it's essential for them to encounter a lot of new people from a young age.

Rottweilers and Other Animals

Rottweilers are frequently kept as farm dogs. As a result, they often do well with other animals. They usually like being around fellow dogs. Since they're big animals, they are most suited to dogs who are similar in size. Although some Rottweilers appreciate doggy company, not all of them do. It isn't unheard of for Rottweilers to behave in hostile manners toward new dogs. With good socialization and cautious introductions, however, many of them can thrive around other canines. They can also do well with dogs when they're reared together.

Some Rottweilers are aggressive to felines. Those that are reared alongside cats, however, can often be accepting of them.