How to Search Dog Names by Meaning

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Many people choose dog names for what they mean.

Naming your dog is a very important part of ownership. Choosing a name should involve more than a way to identify your dog, and your dog's name will prove useful during training. Many owners desire secret or innate meanings in their dogs' names, such as "strength," "protector," or "leader."


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Step 1

A good meaning behind this dog's potential name might be "sauve" or "slick."

Consider your dog's personality. Choose a meaning you like and you can live with. Try to avoid cutesy, themed meanings—they will quickly get old. Common meanings people choose are "loyalty," "strength," "love" and, simply, "dog."


Step 2

Search a site such as with your intended meaning. Input your meaning, run the search, and you will get a list of potential names.

Step 3

This puppy might be well suited to a name meaning "adventure."

Choose a name from the list that suits both you and your dog. Make sure it is short (two syllables is the ideal), catchy, and memorable in order to ensure ease of training.


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