How to Set Up a Mini Internal Aquarium Filter

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An internal filter can be a good choice.

No matter what the size of your aquarium, providing proper filtration is essential to the health of your fish. An aquarium is a closed environment, and without the right filtration in place the quality of the water will deteriorate rapidly. Installing a mini internal aquarium filter is one way to keep harmful contaminants out of the water and keep your tank healthy and clean.


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Step 1

Find a suitable spot for the mini internal filter. Placing the filter in a corner of the tank will make it easy to hide the tubing and equipment behind plants and other decorations.

Step 2

Insert the filter cartridge into the mini internal filter. Make sure you use the right filter insert for the model you own. You can find your model number on the box the filter came in, as well as on the back of the filter itself.


Step 3

Place the filter in the aquarium and press the suction cup against the glass. Make sure the filter is firmly attached to the glass.

Step 4

Double-check that the filter is completely submerged in the water, then plug the power cord into the electrical outlet or power strip. You will see bubbles coming out of the filter as it begins to draw water through the cartridge.



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