Symptoms of Bladder Infections in Dogs

A common symptom of a bladder infection in dogs is wetting on the floor in the house, when the dog is house trained. If a dog appears to be peeing on the floor or dribbling at odd times, it may be time to raise the alarm as your dog could have a bladder problem.


How Often Do Bladder Infections in Dogs Occur?

The incidence of bladder infections and urinary tract infections in dogs is roughly around 3 percent, meaning that 3 percent of all dogs are likely to have one of these infections in their lifetime. Female dogs tend to be significantly more vulnerable to this type of disease than male dogs. In females, the urethra is shorter and wider, and this is the primary cause behind a higher incidence of bladder infections and urinary tract infections. Non-neutered male dogs, spayed female dogs and older dogs are all more prone to bladder infections.

Common Symptoms of Bladder Infections in Dogs

The most common symptoms associated with canine bladder infections and urinary tract infections are revealed through the urinary output of the pet. Both the amount of urinary output and the frequency of the urinary output should be considered. When a dog has a bladder infection, he or she will likely pass small amounts of urine much more frequently. Over time, this can lead to a complete cessation of the ability to urinate. This can cause dehydration, as well as uremic poisoning and acidosis, all of which can lead to death.

Less Common Symptoms of a Canine Bladder Infection

There are a number of additional symptoms that dogs can experience when they have a bladder infection. These symptoms include a tender bladder, fever, lethargy, a foul-smelling urine, blood accompanying the urine and pain and difficulty accompanying the urine.

Diagnosis for a Dog's Bladder Infection

Because several disorders and illnesses have symptoms similar to canine bladder infections, let your veterinarian arrive at the right diagnosis. Urinary stones and urinary obstructions both have to be ruled out before a diagnosis of bladder infection can be reached.

Warning About Bladder Infections in Dogs

Bladder infections in dogs can be serious business. If a bladder infection causes a blockage, the result could be a swollen and backed-up bladder. If the dog is unable to relieve itself, the bladder may back up to the point where the dog can become extremely ill and even die. If you suspect your dog is suffering from a bladder infection, steps need to be taken to relieve the pressure in the bladder immediately, so consult your veterinarian.