How to Tell if a Dog is Pregnant Without a Vet

By Cuteness Contributor

Wondering how you can tell if your dog is pregnant without a vet? While veterinary care is ideal for all pets' overall health, and especially during pregnancy and delivery of puppies, you may be able to tell without a veterinary exam. If you can't get an appointment right away or are curious about pregnancy symptoms in dogs, read on.

Recall when your dog was last in heat, and whether there's a chance she was bred during that time. Dog pregnancies (the canine gestation period) last two months, typically 60-64 days. If your dog was mated within the past two months, she could be pregnant.

Observe your dog's behavior, as many females dogs show a change in behavior during pregnancy. They may want to be touched less, especially in the belly area, or sleep much more than before. You can observe a lot and even tell if your dog is pregnant without a vet, if you pay attention.

Note whether your female dog is full of energy or lethargic. If she tends to lie around and is not interested in chasing the squirrels as much, there's another pregnancy symptom.

Watch your dog's food intake. At first, she may eat less and drink more water. Toward the end of her pregnancy, she will have an increased appetite and eat more than normal.

Try to keep an eye on how much she pees -- pregnant dogs urinate more frequently as their bladder has less room in the abdomen.

Feel her belly. If the pregnancy has progressed enough, she will have an enlarged abdomen and you may even feel her puppies' movements.

Check her nipples. If they are pinker, larger, or secreting fluid, she is likely pregnant.