Top Recommended Dry Dog Foods

With hundreds of dog food brands on the market, pet owners are left wondering which dog food is the best for their pet. Taking into account the quality of ingredients, the formula behind the food and veterinary recommendations, a few brands of dog food stand out against the rest.



According to and, Canada-based Orijen, made by Champion Petfoods, is the best dry dog food on the market. Orijen has a very high protein content, has no fillers and incorporates high-quality carbohydrate sources such as potatoes. Additionally, all of the ingredients are high in quality and fit for human consumption, compared to most kibbles, which use meats that are otherwise deemed unfit for human consumption. On the downside, Orijen can be hard to find.

Champion Petfoods 9503-90 Ave. Morinville, Alberta T8R 1K7 Canada (877) 939-0006 (U.S.) (780) 939-6888 (Canada)

Innova EVO and both rank Innova EVO, made by Natura Brand, as one of the best dog foods on the market. Innova EVO has a high meat content, no grains and no fillers. It's also formulated to replicate the kind of diet a dog would have in the wild, meaning it is mostly meat-based, though it does also contain marginal amounts of fruits, vegetables, eggs and probiotics. On the negative side, Innova EVO is expensive and can be difficult to locate.

Natura Pet Products P.O. Box 271 Santa Clara, CA 95052 (800) 532-7261


Wellness is also ranked as one of the best dog foods by Wellness is a high-meat, high-protein and grainless dog food that is ethoxyquin-free. On the upside, Wellness is affordable and more readily available than Orijen and Innova EVO, but on the downside, it contains some natural fillers, such as tomato fiber. It also uses canola oil rather than fish oil, which is rich in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids but is otherwise still a high-quality dog food.

Wellness/Old Mother Hubbard 200 Ames Pond Drive Tewsbury, MA 01876 (800) 225-0904