How to Train an Indoor Dog to Sleep Outside

How to Train an Indoor Dog to Sleep Outside. Dog is man's best friend, but that doesn't mean your dog has to run your life. You started off on the right foot, giving your dog a comfortable place to sleep indoors. But now the time has come to make a change, and it's time to train your indoor dog to sleep outside.

Step 1

Make sure dog is hearty enough to sleep outdoors. Not all breeds of dogs are able to handle the harsh elements of the outdoors. And some dogs are so dainty that one pleasant night outdoors would be too much. The temperature outside can also play a factor in this. Experts agree that 35 degrees F is just too cold for any dog to be outside. Consider the breed of your dog as well as your dog's personality to determine if your dog would be a prime candidate to sleep outdoors.

Step 2

Provide a safe outdoor environment. When your dog is sleeping, it needs to be protected. Make sure there is an adequate fence to keep your dog in and to keep predators out. You should also provide shelter for your dog in the event of bad weather. There are some nice dog houses on the market that are popular among dog owners to provide this outdoor shelter.

Step 3

Create an environment similar to indoors. If your dog is used to sleeping on pillows and covers, provide those outdoors for your dog. When your dog is comfortable, it will be more likely to spend the night outdoors.

Step 4

Ease into the transition. If your dog right now sleeps on your bed, it might be too much to expect it to sleep outdoors suddenly. You should first encourage the dog to sleep on the floor. Then, you can move it out of the room, then in the laundry room, then in the garage and eventually outside. Your dog will be more likely to comply with these new sleeping arrangements if it doesn't have to adjust suddenly.