How to Train a Rotti to Show Teeth

Rottweilers, a large breed of dog, are often used a police K9s due to their loyalty, easy train-ability and bravery. While Rottweilers defend those they love fiercely, they are calm by nature and remain devoted to their owner. These traits make Rotties a perfect dog for those who want a guard or watch dog to them safe. Many owners of watch dogs teach their animals the trick of showing their teeth. This creates the appearance of an aggressive dog to potential intruders while the animal remains under full control by its owner.


Step 1

Name the trick you're going to teach your Rottweiler. If you want your Rottie to scare away potential intruders, "Bare Teeth" may be a good command while "Smile" may be used if you would rather show off your dog's new trick to friends.

Step 2

Gently push your dog's upper lip up with your thumb and index finger while saying the command. Hold the position in place while repeating the command for a few seconds.

Step 3

Remove your hand from your dog's mouth. Immediately praise it and give it a treat.

Step 4

Repeat these steps throughout the day for as long as needed. Rottweilers learn quickly and should be able to show their teeth on command within a week.