What Is Traumeel for Dogs?

By Tammy Dray

Traumeel is a natural anti-inflammatory substance that serves to treat a number of conditions. Traumeel can be administered internally or administered directly to the skin to aid with swelling, pain and discomfort. It is safe for humans and pets.

Understanding Traumeel

Traumeel is a natural compound that contains 12 to 14 different herbs -- depending on the type and brand -- including belladonna, arnica montana, calendula officinalis, echinacea purpurea and others. Vets can prescribe or recommend Traumeel, originally created as a natural healing medication for humans, to pets off-label. Traumeel is available in drops, tablets and cream.

Uses of Traumeel

Traumeel treats everything from bruises to repetitive strain injuries. It is used to treat sprains, swelling, periodontitis, gingivitis, post-surgical pain, edema and more. It can treat injuries and trauma that require the use of an analgesic or anti-inflammatory. Traumeel also mitigates inflammation, stiffness and pain associated with chronic conditions such as arthrosis of the joints.

Dangers and Side Effects

Traumeel is often recommended as an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Traumeel has no hepatic or gastro-intestinal side effects, which are common with other anti-inflammatory drugs. There are no known drug interactions. Dogs who are allergic to any of the ingredients should not receive Traumeel. You'll have to closely monitor a dog with a suppressed immune system if you administer a Traumeel formulation containing echinacea, as the herb can cause dizziness and respiratory distress. Sometimes, when applied to the skin, Traumeel can cause itching, rashes and other irritations.

How to Use

How often you should use or give Traumeel to your dog depends on the condition being treated, your dog's health and weight, and the form you're administering. For example, Traumeel cream can be applied to the skin three or more times daily. For internal use, your vet will help you determine appropriate dosage.