What Is Traumeel for Dogs?

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If your dog is experiencing pain from an injury or surgery, you can talk to your vet about natural pain relief solutions. During that discussion Traumeel is likely to come up. It might be just the medication you're looking for, but be sure to find out all you can before you start using it on your injured pooch.


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Traumeel is a homeopathic combination of botanicals and minerals that can be used for pain relief. It's an over-the-counter concoction that can typically be found at many health food stores and is useful for treating pain and swelling that might occur after a surgery or from a sprain, cut or other minor injury.


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Traumeel comes in a variety of forms so you can easily administer it depending on your dog's needs. An ointment is available for topical use, such as on a bruise. Traumeel pills can be useful for aches and tenderness from arthritis or a sprain. It also comes as a solution that can be injected, but this form of the medication would most likely be used by your vet while your dog is at the clinic rather than being given to you for home use.


Used for Acupuncture

Although you're not likely to have much use for the liquid injection form of Traumeel, it has been shown to be effective in prolonging the positive effects of acupuncture. When treating your pooch for pain, her acupuncturist will use a special acupuncture needle to inject liquid Traumeel in the acupuncture point. The Traumeel is absorbed slowly into the tissue and generates pressure at that point that lasts longer than acupuncture alone. Because the pressure is longer-lasting, the positive effects of the acupuncture treatment are increased.


Side Effects

Traumeel is considered a safe homeopathic medication that hasn't been shown to have an interaction with other drugs. Although severe side effects haven't been reported, any medication can cause a reaction. If your vet gives the go-ahead to treat your dog with Traumeel, be on the alert for symptoms of an allergic reaction that can include itching, trouble breathing, a rash, hives or swelling around the face and tongue, and be certain to get her back into the vet's right away.


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