Umbrella Bird Facts

The umbrella bird is found in Central and South American rainforests and is one of the largest birds in the cotinga bird family. The umbrella bird features several unique identifying characteristics.


The umbrella bird belongs to the Passeriformes order, which is an order that describes numerous varieties of birds that perch.


There are three species in this genus: the long-wattled umbrella bird, Amazonian umbrella bird and bare-necked umbrella bird.


The umbrella bird has a total length of between 14 and 20 inches making it the largest of all cotinga birds and one of the largest of all Passeriformes.


The umbrella bird features a conspicuous crest of iridescent black feathers that stretch along the top of its head and that somewhat resembles an umbrella.


All umbrella birds have a wattle on the front of the neck that is inflatable and capable of amplifying the already loud and booming calls that the birds are known for.


Umbrella birds feed primarily on large insects, fruits and sometimes small vertebrate animals such as lizards.