How to Use a Crate for a Puppy While at Work

If you have made the decision to share your love and your home with a puppy, you obviously want the best for him. As the saying goes, "Dogs are a man's best friend." Although potty training is not the most exciting portion of having and training your new puppy, it is something that must be done. Because many of us have to work, one popular method of potty training your puppy is crate training.

Step 1

Wake up an hour or two before leaving for work. Walk your puppy outside of your house and then bring him back in to provide him with breakfast. Always keep in mind that a healthy breakfast is essential to keeping your puppy happy and content. Once the puppy has finished his breakfast, take him outside so that he can relieve himself properly.

Step 2

Bring the puppy back in once he has relieved himself. Before placing him in the crate, make sure that you've attached a name to the crate itself, such as 'garden' or 'tub.' This is very important because the puppy has to feel at home within the crate and the entire experience should not be awkward for him. Ensure that clean towels or sheets have been placed in the crate beforehand. Hygiene is one of the most important considerations in this case. Place your puppy in the crate allowing him to sit inside as naturally and comfortably as possible.

Step 3

Put a basin or bowl of clean water, as well as two Nylabones, inside the crate with the puppy. You should not be worried about the Nylabones because they have been specifically designed in such a way so as to deter the puppy from choking. Before leaving for work, it is a good idea to turn on a television set or a radio and place it near your puppy.

Step 4

Travel back to your home at lunch time. It is very important to check up on your puppy around this time because puppies younger than the age of six months need lunch and puppies of all ages need to relieve themselves during the day. They also need some exercise. If it is not possible for you to go back home, you should definitely get somebody to check up on him.

Step 5

Take your puppy out of the crate as soon as you get back home after work and allow him to relieve himself. Give him his dinner after that. Spend time with your puppy when you get back home because it is important to bond with him every day. Dogs need company and thrive on friendships.