How to Use a Four Paws No-Pull Harness

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Dog harnesses will allow you to have more control during a walk.

A Four Paws No-Pull Harness is a brand of dog harness released by the Four Paws Pet Supply Company. It allows you to walk your dog without it being able to pull away or have too much range of motion and leverage. Using one of these harnesses can help prevent neck injuries in your dog by not allowing them to pull with their neck, but with their torso, which is much easier to control.


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Step 1

Slip the neck of the harness around the neck of your dog.

Step 2

Pull the strap until it is slightly tightened around your dog's neck.

Step 3

Step your dog's front right paw through the chest hoop.


Step 4

Swing the strap under your dog's front left paw so that it comes up around its left side.

Step 5

Snap the strap into the other side by connecting it with the hitch.


Step 6

Tighten the torso part of the harness slightly until it fits comfortably around the dog's torso.

Step 7

Attach the leash to the top of the harness where there is a metal ring.



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