How to Use a Training Collar for Potty Training

How to Use a Training Collar for Potty Training
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Things You'll Need

  • Training Collar (shock or vibrating)

  • Treats

  • Leash


Do not use the collar if you do not see your puppy using the bathroom inside. Only use it during or immediately after the bad behavior.


If the collar does not seem to be working at any setting level, seek other methods of training, or seek professional training help.

For most people, the hardest part of having a puppy is teaching them how to use the bathroom outside. Potty training can be a hard, messy process. Unsure of the proper technique, people can spend a lot of time and money trying to make their dogs understand where they should be relieving themselves. With a training collar, potty training your puppy is as easy as the job can get.

Step 1

When reprimanding your puppy, you have to catch him in the action of bad behavior. Reprimand your puppy during the act or immediately afterward, otherwise the puppy won't know why he is being punished. In order for you to stop your puppy from going to the bathroom inside the home and change his behavior, you need to stop him during the action. With the training collar, you are able to stop the puppy from many feet away, while the puppy attempts to relieve himself indoors.

Step 2

Put the collar on your puppy. Make sure it is not too loose or too tight. Place two fingers vertically against your dog's fur and tighten the collar to come to the top finger.

Step 3

Set the vibration or shock setting to the lowest interval. Use this setting for two days. If your puppy's behavior does not change, adjust it to the next highest setting. Use that setting for two days. Continue to adjust the setting every two days until your puppy responds to the shocks or vibrations.

Step 4

When you see that your puppy is about to go to the bathroom or has already begun to go to the bathroom, click on the remote control to send a small shock wave to the side of your puppy's neck. This will stop him from going to the bathroom.

Step 5

After he was stopped, take your puppy outside with a leash and some treats in your pocket. After the puppy has used the restroom outside, pet him, with praise, and give him a treat. This will reinforce that using the restroom outside is good behavior.

Step 6

Continue to do steps 3 and 4 until the puppy is no longer using the restroom inside. You can then take off the shock collar. Take your puppy outside frequently during the day and night after you are no longer using the collar. Continue to give him praise and treats. After he has gone outside for a few days, you can start giving him less and less treats, but always using praise to reinforce the good behavior.

Step 7

After a couple of weeks of successfully going outside,the puppy can be taken out after longer intervals of time. Eventually, you and the puppy will be on a routine that you both are familiar and comfortable with.

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