The Best Way to Leash Train a Puppy

The best way to leash train a puppy is to use positive reinforcement while maintaining a patient and consistent attitude. Training a puppy to walk on a leash without exhibiting unwelcome behaviors, such as pulling, will allow you to control the dog when it reaches its full adult size. Taking a dog on regular walks can also help you build a strong bond with it. Dog Training HQ recommends using a nylon collar and leash rather than a retractable leash or a harness, which can give the dog more power and therefore encourage it to pull.


Step 1

Place a collar around your puppy's neck at a time it can be distracted by other positive experiences, such as during feeding time, a play session or when out in the garden. The collar should fit snugly without being so tight that the puppy finds it uncomfortable. Give the puppy time to get used to the collar. If it appears to dislike wearing it, distract it by offering a favorite toy or treat.

Step 2

Attach the leash once the puppy has become accustomed to wearing the collar, and allow it to wander around freely with the leash dragging. Supervise the puppy to ensure that the leash does not become tangled. Pick up the end of the leash once the puppy is familiar with its presence. Encourage the puppy to come to you by using treats, such as small pieces of chicken or cheese.

Step 3

Move several steps away from the puppy and call it to you. Reward it with a treat and then repeat the exercise. Then continue to walk while praising the puppy for walking beside or slightly behind you. Introduce the word "heel" when your puppy is walking correctly on the leash. If the puppy begins to pull on the leash, stop walking until the puppy returns to the correct position on a slack leash and then continue to walk. recommends that you practice leash training in your backyard before moving out onto the street, which holds more distractions for your puppy.