11 Reasons Why Having a Dumb AF Dog is Awesome!

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. There are big dogs and small dogs, energetic dogs and lazy dogs and, as we all know, there are smart dogs and there are dumb dogs. Smart dogs are great. You can teach them tricks and they might save you from a fire someday, Lassie-style. But dumb dogs are also great in their own very special, infinitely loveable way. Here are 11 reasons why having a truly dumb AF dog is actually the best.

Video of the Day

1. When you try to teach them tricks...

They end up doing something way more entertaining than the actual trick.

2. This is how they hide.

Need we show more?


3. They'll probably give you more (slobbery) kisses than other dogs.

They just wanna lick. Your. Face.

4. They forgive you for stuff before you even apologize.

Admit it, your dumb AF dog is a better person than you'll ever be.


5.  Dorky faces = the BEST faces

Tongue hanging out is optional, but highly recommended.

6. They have creative ways of getting around.

WTF is this move, Bracken? Other than completely adorable, that is.


7. You can totally get away with buying the wrong brand of treats.

They can't tell the difference!

8. They grossly overestimate their own athletic abilities.

Which leads to some YouTube-worthy moments.


9. They'll keep you on your toes.

Image Credit: Meme Generator

With frequent home-invasion drills. At all hours.

10. They take immense pleasure in the simple things.

"Today is the best day because there's a hotdog in my mouth."


11. Which is why they love every single minute of life more than any other living creature.

And that makes them the actual best.