11 Cutest Animal Moments On Jimmy Fallon

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Jimmy Fallon makes us laugh every night (or every morning, if you prefer to fall asleep watching Netflix and just catch Fallon’s latest viral segment when you wake up). Sometimes Fallon brings on celebrities as guests.

Sometimes he does hilarious solo segments (hello, thank you notes). But some of his best guests (okay, most of his best guests) are adorable animals. In honor of Fallon’s birthday on September 19th, here are 11 of the cutest Jimmy Fallon animal moments.

1. Puppies Predict the Kentucky Derby

Puppies Predict is one of Jimmy Fallon's most adorable animal segments. As the name suggests, Fallon invites puppies to predict things (because why not), and in this edition, the puppies raced in a mock Kentucky Derby that was 1000% more adorable that the real thing.

2. Puppies Predict the 2015 Final Four Championship

Speaking of Puppies Predict, one of Fallon's most classic PP segments showed the puppies predicting the outcome of the 2015 Final Four. The puppies were set loose on four bowls of kibble, one labeled for each of the Final Four teams, and bowl that attracted the most puppies was deemed the winner. The puppies predicted Michigan State and even though Duke won the real championship, we think Michigan State won the more important title here.

3. Puppy Stage Fright (Puppy Predictors Rehearsal)

Back in January of 2014, just before Fallon made his debut as the host of The Tonight Show, he shared a little insight into what goes into rehearsals for the Puppies Predict segments, specifically as the puppies prepared to predict the outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII. They got painfully shy and it was painfully adorable.


4. Pup Quiz with Kaley Cuoco

In Pup Quiz, Fallon invites celebrity guests to compete with him in a trivia contest in which the winner of each round gets to cuddle with a puppy. In The Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco's Pup Quiz, she ended up completely covered in puppies and happier than she's ever been in her life.

5. Pup Quiz with Ben Affleck

Another classic Pup Quiz segment was Ben Affleck's, in which the puppies were dressed in superhero costumes, in honor of Ben's Batman vs. Superman.


6. Stephen Moyer Invites Puppies to His Interview

Not every adorable puppy moment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has been part of one of Fallon's bits. In 2015, actor Stephen Moyer invited puppies to partake in his interview with the host and TBH, we couldn't focus on anything Stephen or Jimmy said because...well, puppies.

7. Ariana Grande Shows Off Her Winking Dog Toulouse and Sassy Nonna

Stephen Moyer isn't the only guest who's brought live puppies along for their interview on The Tonight Show. Earlier this year, Ariana Grande brought her dog, Toulouse (who can WINK, btw) along for her segment and he completely stole the show.


8. Chris Packham and Jimmy Sniff an African Porcupine

Not every cute animal segment Fallon does is about puppies (even though there are enough just about puppies to fill this list and many more). In 2015, Jimmy Fallon invited animal expert Chris Packham on the show to teach him (and all of us) about African Porcupines. At one point, Jimmy leans down for a good sniff of the unique animal and it was very adorable.

9. Jeff Musial Shows Off His Bear Cub

Animal expert Jeff Musial is a regular on Fallon's show and he always brings fascinating animals with him to the set. In 2014, he gave Jimmy quite a scare when he whipped out a can of bear repellent to tease the animal he had brought with him, only to reveal that it was an adorrrrrrable bear cub. It even drank from a bottle on the air. We can't.


10. More Jeff Musial Introducing Jimmy to Otters, a Gibbon, and a Water Buffalo

Musial has been a favorite guest of Jimmy's since his Late Night days. In 2013, he made us all want a pet otter when he let one scurry across Jimmy's desk.

11. And Yet More Jeff Musial with a Green Iguana and Fennec Fox

In another of his Late Night appearances, Musial brought out a Fennec Fox — AKA one of the most adorable creatures known to man.


Image: NBC

Videos: YouTube (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)