11 Dogs In Hats

It not only takes an impeccable sense of style to wear a statement-making hat, but a whole lotta confidence to actually pull it off! These 11 dogs prove that pooches can rock the headwear as well as any human.

11 Dogs In Hats

1 - The Grand Pooch-Bah

11 Dogs In Hats

Image: etsy.com

"They'll have to take me seriously now!"

This little dude is rocking that fez--no easy feat outside the Ottoman Empire. Or the lodge. Just call him the grand high poobah of the local four-legged fraternity.

2 - The Pup-along Cassidy

11 Dogs In Hats

Image: Jokeroo.com

"Stick 'em up!"

There's a new sheriff in town. Brand new. She may be far too adorable to scare off any train robbers, but just you wait! She'll have those varmints shaking in their boots.

3 - The Captain


There's nothing like salty sea air, the wind in your sails and the rolling waves beneath your paws.
"Now, where did I leave my yacht?"

4 - The Guv'nor


Image: Lisa's World

Here's a fellow you might not want to sit across at a poker table. Heaven forbid you owe him money--the look in his eye says he means business. "Your bet."

5 - The Hole In One


Image: Dog in a Fez

This guy is no one's caddie. With his wee Scottish tam and scarf, he is ready to play 18 holes.

6 - The King of the Jungle


"When the wild calls, a dog must answer." Dreams of surveying his territory over the savannah, hunting antelope, and lying in the sun while the lionesses do all the work may be symptomatic of delusions of grandeur. He may not be king of the jungle, but he will always have his pride.

7 - The Snow Bunny


Image: Wanelo

"Please don't lose me in a snow drift." All bundled up and ready for the slopes, but this puppy looks like she'd rather curl up in front of the fire.

8 - The Harry Houndini


Image: Getty Images

And for his next trick, he will make the kibble completely disappear! "Why yes, it IS magic."

9 - The Pretty in Pink


Image: Youtube.com

"But I didn't want to be a princess." It's her party, so she can cry if she wants to.

10 - The Hipster


Image: Pixabay

"I was wearing fedoras before they were cool." There's no doubt about it, some dogs just wear it better.

11 - It's The Great Pugkin


"No, I'm not actually a pumpkin." It may not be fall just yet, but this pug looks like he is in the mood for a pumpkin spiced latte.