11 Reasons Why Baxter Is One Of Our Favorite Movie Dogs

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If there’s a movie with a pet in the cast, you can bet the pet is our favorite character.

This is even true when the human cast members are uber-talented superstars like Will Ferrell. Case in point: Baxter from Anchorman is our favorite character in the whole movie.

What's more, he's one of our favorite movie dogs of all time — and here's why.

1. He’s wise — like “miniature Buddha” wise.

Credit: Taylor Peralta / Pinterest

2.  Sure, he’s an eccentric dog, but also a mind-blowingly amazing dog. Because, seriously, how did he do that?

Credit: Tristan Stevens / Pinterest

3. Baxter has excellent spatial awareness skills. How else would he know he was in Milwaukee? Because we all know he knows, right?

Credit: PolyFro / Pinterest

4. Two words: Matching. Pajamas.

Credit: DreamWorks

5. Baxter is the kind of dog you could really share a meal with (okay, so we know in *real* life, dogs can’t binge on sugary soda and fried foods with us, but that’s why Baxter is a *dream* dog).

Credit: DreamWorks

6. He’s super chill about kisses, which is good since if he were our dog, we’d be giving him SO. MANY. KISSES.

Credit: DreamWorks

7. He is fierce AF.

Credit: Giphy

8. He is the BEST road trip buddy and we all want a dog/best friend/soulmate who’s always up for adventure.

Credit: DreamWorks

9. He’s an excellent conversationalist. He says so much in so few words.


10. He’s the kind of dog who will stand by your side when things start to get ugly.

Credit: DreamWorks

11. He’s hilariously aerodynamic (because comedy is tragedy + timing).

Credit: TouchDownBurrito / Reddit