12 Cats Who Are Way Hipper Than You

We all have those friends that are somehow just so much cooler than us. They're always up on the latest trends at least a year before the rest of us squares catch on and act like they could care less about basically anything. Sounds a whole lot like your cat, doesn't it? Of course, 'cause cats were hipsters before the word hipster was even invented. Here are 12 cats that totally prove our point.


1 – Indie Cat


Image: My Modern Met

He only listens to obscure, experimental bands you've never heard of before and makes you feel like a total outsider for not knowing about them sooner. Oh yeah, and those thick black glasses he always wears? Totally not prescription.

2 – Vintage Jean Jacket Cat


Image: The Web Awards

He'd die before stepping foot in a department store, shops exclusively at the thrift store and always manages to score the best vintage finds. The older and more lived in the better. Basically, if it looks like it's been shoved in the bottom of someone's closet for the last 20 years, then it's perfect. You may not think an acid washed jean jacket is in style, but he knows better.

3 – Selfie Cat


Image: Bored Panda

She's always ready for a quick selfie, so you'd better be too. Even if you look like a total dog in the picture, if she looks good then it's getting posted. So beware.

4 – Cultured Kitty


Image: Etsy

He may have never been to Paris or speak a lick of French, but that doesn't stop him from putting off a super cool cultured and worldly vibe. He never leaves the house without a quirky bow tie and his trademark beret, but acts like he miraculously just rolled out of bed that way.

5 – Book Worm Cat


Image: @ezgipolat

Oh, me? Just laying in bed with bae, sipping siphon-brewed imported black coffee and reading David Sedaris aloud to each other. Why? What do you usually do on Saturday mornings?

6 – Fedora Cat


Image: Sacre Bruiser

It doesn't matter if it's day or night, hot or cold, it's always the right time to rock a fedora. Placement is also important — it has to be tilted just enough to one side to look like it's defying gravity without actually falling off. He can also be seen reciting spoken word poetry or playing acoustic guitar at the local dive bar's next open mic night.

7 – Mr. Mustachio


Image: Love Meow

Let's face it — some of us are just born hip. You either have it, or you don't. Hamilton the Hipster Cat's got it in spades.

8 – Flannel Cat


Image: @elverojaguar

Buttoned all the way to the top is the only way for this cool guy. Rocking a (probably thrifted) flannel and clean converse sneakers is his uniform of choice, no matter what the occasion. And somehow he always seems purrfectly dressed.

9 – Cold-Brew Kitty


Image: Getty

She never bats an eye at dishing out her hard-earned money for a drink she could have easily made at home for free and all the baristas know her by name. And don't tell her, but that ultra-cool cold brewed coffee she's obsessed with? That really just means the baristas left it sitting out on the counter for the last 12 hours. That'll be $6.50 please.

10 – Skater Cat


Image: My Modern Met

Why would he need a car when he's got the trusty skateboard covered in half-peeling band stickers that he's had since high school? It doesn't even matter that he'll smell like a sweaty sock by the time he gets where he's going as long as everyone sees him land that sweet kick-flip when he rolls up.

11 – Punk Rock Kitties


Image: @hellopethaus

Usually traveling in packs, these punk-rock hipsters are easy to spot thanks to their spiked collars and the dozens of hand-sewn band logo patches and pins covering their jean jacket vests (and yes, they cut the sleeves off themselves too, thanks for asking). Worn like members only jackets, they would rather lose their legions of followers on Instagram than be seen without their deconstructed denim.

12 – Blogger Cat



Image: Empower Network

Oh, you can bet she's totally blogging about this when she gets home. And you better believe she expects you to leave a comment….or else.

Main image: icanhas.cheezburger.com