12 Amazing Photos Of Super Chill Cats Who DGAF

Kit Steinkellner

If you're looking to learn a lesson or two about not giving AF, look no further than your pet cat for guidance.

cats who DGAF
Credit: Cats & Dogs / Tumblr

Cats excel at doing whatever the heck they want and having zero concerns about the repercussions. Behold, the kitties below are in rare form and prove that not giving AF is about as glam and badass as lifestyle choices come.

1. This cat who DGAF about paint jobs or anyting, probably.

cats-who-dgafCredit: WolfAkela/Reddit

2. And this cat who knew the cement was wet and tip-toed across the damn thing anyway.

cats-who-dgafCredit:  em_appeal/Instagram

3. This little furball ignored his perfectly good mouse toy and played with a roll of toilet paper instead, because he DGAF about how much you spend at PetCo.

cats-who-DGAFCredit: lobo_the_cat/Instagram

4. Then there’s this cat who has decided to live in your mail forever— byeeee.

cats-who-DGAFCredit: dandelionthecatbunny/Instagram

5. This cat who ate everyone’s breakfast and doesn’t even care.

cats-who-DGAFCredit: roxy.the.kitten/Instagram

6. This cat figured out how to open the cabinet where her food is kept, and he doesn’t care if you Instagram the evidence.

cats-who-DGAFCredit: badcatmerida/Instagram

7. This one who lives in your sink now. Did you want to wash your hands? Sorry, that’s going to be a problem.

cats-who-DGAFCredit: emmacecily/Instagram

8. You may have ordered that pizza, but it’s hers now.

cats-who-DGAFCredit: taviep/Instagram

9. This guy is just more comfortable tangled up in your window blinds, okay? Geez!

cats-who-DGAFCredit: Micamacat/Instagram

10. This little adventure seeker who’s climbing up a telephone pole because she feels like it.

cats-who-DGAFCredit: mel_wheatley/Instagram

11. This bad kitty who ate all your Halloween candy, and she doesn’t even have the decency to be sorry about it.

cats-who-DGAFCredit: Trusalus/Instagram

12. And finally this cat who thought the ONE thing your laundry was missing was his fur all over it. So thoughtful and considerate, thank you!

cats-who-DGAFCredit: HaleyVanh/Instagram